I was born and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My interests were always in helping other people. I saw that no matter where I went, every group of people, regardless of race, age or religion, had similar problems, some of which they did not have the answer. Either they wanted to be more attractive, more educated, or the abilities that would enable them to compete with someone who they revered. But as much as they would want these attributes, in many cases they were totally lost when it came to knowing the ways of attaining them. In many cases, because they didn’t have these particular skills, they were left with a feeling of inferiority. I identified two areas in which many of them needed assistance.

One was that they needed someone to show them how to bring out the discipline necessary to attain these things. But the question was always, "How ?" I know that many times I came across a problem that I needed resolved and I had to deal with the same issues. I would look at the lifestyles of those who really were focused on what they wanted and went out and made their dreams happen. One of the most outstanding people in this category for me was Bruce Lee. He had to be one of the most disciplined individuals that there has ever been. He wanted to have a body that could do extraordinary things and he applied himself to a very intense regimen until he had attained his goal. I said to myself, "Maybe the martial arts could do the same for me." Therefore I started my practice at the age of eleven. After a very short time there was nothing that you could tell me that I couldn’t do. Any feat seemed attainable. I was pleased with the progress that I was making though the question still remained whether what worked for me would also work for others. Would I be able to teach others how to bring out the best in themselves? At that point I started instructing others in the disciplines of martial arts,  meditation, and breathing exercises that teach the calming of the mind. I taught better ways of eating, living, and believe it or not….everyone said that they felt so much more self assured about anything that they were doing or about to do. Whether I dealt with adults or children the effects of teaching someone how to think positively and how to cultivate themselves toward a personal goal were remarkable. I decided to continue to use my bodyguarding & martial artists knowledge/skills to help others. I started studying martial arts at the age of eleven and bodyguarding at the age of sixteen. I started bodyguarding professionally a short time after that. 

There are many ways that we can learn from each other as well as using our skills to help others. These are the ways that I have found to get total fulfillment out of what I do.

If you feel that I may be of service to you please do not hesitate to contact me for lessons and/or bodyguarding services.


 Sincerely,  Kato Sherman

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