Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 175 lbs.


PROPOSAL: I would like to extend an offer to provide my services to you in the area of protection. In our world I know that at times it can be a task to simply go out shopping or to a  movie etc…without having to be concerned about someone who may want to cause us some sort of harm. This is even more so in the area of entertainment. It can be a comfort to know that someone is with you to take the responsibility of those burdens off of your shoulders so that you may enjoy your time away from home. This would include accompanying you to your destination, staying within reach as you take care of your activities, and escorting you back to your last destination.


AREAS OF TRAINING AND STUDY: I am knowledgeable on the subjects of covert movement using diversions and/or distractions to offer an opportunity to move unseen, evasive driving techniques to counter an attempt of a kidnapping, car jacking or tailing situation, how your home and vehicle alarm systems can and should be set up for the best protection, techniques that can assist the proper authorities in tracking down someone who may be trying to stalk you as well as creating ways to "trap" them and how to handle a possible confrontation with the least amount or no physical contact at all. I am very familiar with "crowd control" techniques with a special sensitivity in the area of “liability” if and when a confrontation is unavoidable. One of my the foremost concerns is the reputation and career of my client. I incorporate a high level of tact in any situation and I am always focused on my primary responsibility...Your safety! 

Available for:

·         Entertainment Dinners

·         Award Shows

·         Parties

·         Private Residence Problems (stalkers)


REFERENCES: Available upon request.

Licensed for bodyguarding and firearm through the...

Bureau of Security and Investigation Services  
(916) 322-4000
400 R Street Suite 3080
Sacramento, Ca 95814

License # G 1087233 (Bodyguarding) 
FQ 248465 (Firearm)


Thank you for your time. Please allow at least two weeks notice when contacting 
my office for bodyguarding work. My fee for most jobs is $1000.00 per eight hour day. 
Each additional hour would be $100.00. There is an eight hour minimum fee for jobs that 
are less than eight hours. When leaving a message, I need to have specific information 
about my client. Please leave this information on my voicemail...

1) Full and legal name of the client and the callers name. (If different from client)

2) A valid return phone number for the client or his/her representative. (No pagers and/or voicemails)

3) The nature of the job and the expected location and date of event.

Upon returning your call and accepting the work you would then need to be prepared to cover details regarding the exact time, transportation arrangements, level of danger, etc. You should also NEVER DISCUSS THESE ISSUES WITH ME ON A CELLULAR OR CORDLESS PHONE! You risk someone picking up the call on one of  various devices that are on the market which places more risk on both of us.           


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