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We would all like to live a long and healthy life. And, from time to time, we think about our health in general hoping that it stays good. Unfortunately, this doesn't just happen. There is a certain amount of effort that we are responsible for in order to keep it that way. We must watch what we eat and make sure that we exercise adequately to maintain our health. And this is where the problem usually comes in. We are so busy (many times with things less important than our health) that we never get to do those exercises that we would like to do. Or, we can't seem to find the time to get to the gym. Another disheartening factor is that there are many so called "experts" in the field of health. And while listening to them speak about this subject, it seems that no two of them agree on the correct method of attaining optimum health. One of them say that "this diet" will work and another will say that "that diet" will work. The same holds true when it comes to the subject of exercising. So we arrive at the point where we say HELP! And I hate to be the barer of bad news but the root of the problem becomes visible when we look into our favorite mirror. That's right, we are the problem. All of us have learned that if you want to understand a subject (any subject) that it is best to do a little research on our own. In that way, we gain a basic understanding and therefore when we hear someone (one of those experts) speaking about issues pertaining to that subject, we will then be able to identify whether they know what they are talking about or not. There is no need to go into an in-depth study of any subject in which we just want to attain a general understanding. But, we do need to read a little bit of information, which will enable us to gather some facts. Buy a few books that cover topics like stretching, cardio vascular activity, weight training, how the heart functions, etc. After all, these are our bodies. Without them we could do nothing. Shouldn't we know and understand how they work? Shouldn't we know what we have inside of them? Let's move on.      
I have taught martial arts, yoga, weight training, and nutrition for twenty years. Please take note that a statement like that doesn't necessarily mean that a person knows what they are doing. Many teachers have taught for a long period of time but they still have a limited knowledge of the subject in which they instruct. Unfortunately, there are no sure ways of always being able to identify a good instructor but there are some things that you should look for. One is the person himself/herself. If someone is telling me how important health is and yet they themselves look to be in poor health, I am probably going to run the other way. But, if they appear to be in good health then they not only know what it takes, but they also practice living a healthy lifestyle. They would be more likely to know how good health can be attained and maintained. I would ask them various questions about the body and how it works. I would also ask them about different muscles and foods. See if they are able to answer your questions without hesitation or seeming like they are struggling to find an answer. Sometimes when someone is "cornered" they will tell you anything to conceal the fact that they just didn't know. I am not saying that they should know how to perform a heart operation, but they should know how to answer any general questions pertaining to their field.     

Using the knowledge that I have gained over the years from my studies of health which includes exercising, weight training, martial arts, and yoga, I have developed a videotape that is unlike any that I have seen on the market thus far. It will help you to raise your awareness. It is called, BETTER HEALTH THROUGH BREATHING, EATING, & STRETCHING. (You also will receive a handy "Meal Planner" that will assist you while you are in the grocery store in making the right selections of food. It will let you know which foods are known for their proteins, carbohydrates, or fats) It is a very detailed videotape and gives you a very strong understanding of the proper ways of breathing, eating, and stretching (yoga). It explains the proper way of breathing for optimum health. It not only identifies the proper foods to eat, but it also tells you the purpose of different types of foods and how the body uses them. Also, since most people do not focus on their breathing and breathing is so important to the bodies health, this videotape points out the proper way to breathe. The reason that people do not generally focus on their breathing is because it happens naturally. It usually takes no effort. But, there is a proper way of breathing that utilizes your full lung capacity instead of just your upper lungs. You will notice that when many people breathe, their chest expands. This is because they are breathing in a shallow manner. This type of breathing leads to being tired while exercising and it also leads to building up tension in the body. What is the first thing that many people will tell you when you are tense? Of course...Take a deep breath! Relax! Your breathing is one of the most important aspects of your life. It not only releases tension and helps your energy but it extends your life when you do it correctly. It assures that your body is getting enough oxygen into your bloodstream to help nourish your system. When you correct your breathing and eating plus adding a workout to your lifestyle you are going to feel so much better. You can not and should not concentrate on only one aspect of health if you want to improve it. Health comes from a combination of things. If you eat right but you do not exercise the effects will be more minimal than if you do both. My videotape will explain how to balance your meals so that you can eat healthier by choosing the right foods. It will show you how to stretch your body to make it healthier and more limber. Anyone can benefit from adding some exercise to their lifestyle. Age is not a factor. I see people who are over 60 who say that they feel great. You do not have to punish yourself to get into shape but yes it does take time, effort, and one of the most important things, "commitment". When you are working out, you should follow this type of workout plan...

1) Stretch your muscles to prepare them for your workout and lessen the chance of   puling them. 

2) Do your cardio workout next to take your body into its "Fat Burning" mode.

3) Perform your stomach exercises next to help the continuance of burning fat around the waist area.

4) Lift weights while your body is still in the fat burning mode to help burn fat through your entire body. 

5) Stretch again while cooling down. This will help to eliminate some of the "next day soreness" that you can receive from working out.


The workouts are intended to help you increase your level of physical fitness. The instructions and advice presented are in no way a substitute for counseling. Consult your health care professional before beginning this or any other fitness program. The creator/producer/distributor of the workout disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises, instructions and advice herein. 

I am also offering KATO TAPE 1 entitled...
(See Security Page)

There are two pamphlets that you may order that are informative tools on the subject of security. One is entitled How Safe Is Your Home? and the other is entitled Easy Investigating. 

How safe Is Your Home
informs you of various types of security devices that you can buy to help protect your home and vehicle.
Easy Investigating informs you about general investigating that you can do yourself if someone is threatening to kidnap or hurt a family member. It covers how to peruse your vehicle and mail, driving techniques, things to watch out for that most people do not notice, and how to attain a lot of information on someone even though you started out with very little. The last page offers information for children so that they know what to do and what not to do when you are not with them.     

These videos and booklets are not available at this time for ordering although they will be in the near future.

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Also, please visit my Security Page for information pertaining to your safety, home, and automobile.                  (click here)       

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