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When we think of securing our homes we usually think of the home itself. And we usually visualize someone trying to break in while we are away. But, we also must be concerned about our security while we are there. We must remember what the other items are that are inside our homes besides our material things...ourselves! When we are in our homes we should have the feeling of security. We should feel fairly certain that the proper measures have been taken to prevent someone from easily breaking into our home. Also, you want to ensure that you buy a security system that is particular to your homes needs. Many people will sell you a lot of what they look at as "additional items" but in many cases these additional items are not necessary. For instance, if you are securing your child's clubhouse, most likely you will basically put a padlock on it. It would be unnecessary to place an electric alarm system in it equipped with laser beams and knockout gas. It sounds funny but you would be surprised how many people are fooled by some of the alarm companies. At the same time, you do not want to end up with an insufficient security system that doesn't provide enough security for your home. So it all boils down to one question, "How do you know how much security that you need?" If you are not a trained security consultant (which most of us aren't) don't be discouraged. There are a few things that you can do to assess your situation and enable you to surmise just what your home needs.        
You should start by taking a close look at your home. Ask yourself just how many ways there are to get into your home from the outside. Picture one shows two small external windows on the front of the home. Could someone get in through these windows? Of course they could! You would have to look into securing them along with your other windows. Do you have a passage by your home that enables someone to be able to get to the back of your home or onto your porch without passing through your yard like in picture two? How much yard space do you have? Are there places on your grounds where someone could easily hide or trespass without being seen? These are the types of questions that will lead you in the direction of being able to assess how many security devices that you need to have.  
Do you have any "special entrances" into your home? Picture three shows an example of one. These need to be secured for they are usually the entranceways that someone would use if they are trying to sneak in. It is best to keep all entranceways well lit since covertness is a necessity for the trespasser. It can deter them from breaking in and make them seek an easier victim.   
Picture four shows that there is a second door under the first one. In most cases, you would not place an electronic alarm on the outer door as in picture three; you would just secure it with a good latch type of lock or sliding bolt. But the inner door leads into the home and would need a more elaborate security device attached to it that would alert the owners of someone who has just broke in. If someone entered into a door like this one, they would be in the basement of the home therefore it is a good idea to have a door at the top of the stairs leading from the basement and to secure that door with an alarm.  
Your garage should be protected also (picture 5). In many cases a trespasser may come for no other reason besides the automobile. Along with securing the garage door there are many devices on the market that will help increase the chances that when you leave your home and go to get into your car, it will be there. No car thief likes to create a lot of noise when they are trying to steal something out of it. They want to do this as quietly as possible. With a good security system, this will not be possible. You also may want to protect your garage because in order to get to your car, you have to enter this structure. Speaking of entering the garage, what happens if you enter it and someone's inside? With no alarm there is a great chance that you haven't heard the intruder enter. That would be a dangerous situation! Now you and the intruder are in the garage. Now what happens? And NEVER leave the automobile unlocked and unsecured just because it is in the garage. There are many cases where someone entered the garage, got into the car, and awaited their victim. Also, most people enter their vehicle without looking in the back of the vehicle at all. What if someone's there? You may drive away from your home and all of a sudden someone grabs you from the backseat or maybe even puts a gun to your head. Then what? These situations are not often thought about but they should be. You should never drop your guard anywhere. Even if you think your neighborhood is safe. Those are sometimes the exact places that thieves favor because they know that no one is expecting them. They know that security in many cases is minimal.

I have developed a videotape that points out many things that you can do to increase your security. It is called, DON'T BE A VICTIM! I have seen a number of people who were attacked while I was growing up and in a lot of the cases these attacks could have been avoided if the person would have been more alert or didn't make certain mistakes that raised the chances of them inviting trouble. Yes, there are also those times when there is nothing that you can do. If someone wants something that you have badly enough, they will try to take it at all costs. But at least you can take all of the necessary precautions that are available. My videotape cavers ideas for the outside and inside of your home. It also covers tips for those moments when you are walking down the street and even when driving your car! Security must be thought of at all times. When you are not thinking of it...Disaster Strikes! Whatever you do, don't be a victim!                 

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