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Kato Sherman


Kato's Kids
Author Kato Sherman
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No. Of Pages & Format (fdr, doc,pdf, etc. : 48 Pages in Movie Magic 2000
Logline: A bodyguard with martial arts background reluctantly takes the law into his own hands and recruits a team of young adults to assist. By day he is a mentor to children; but at night he becomes a crime-fighter doing his best to clean up the streets. The job that he has created for himself is not an easy one; however, he is willing to deal with whatever the crime filled streets have to offer him.

Kato is a man who is tired of living in a world where crime continues to plague decent citizens. He has dedicated his life to bodyguarding people who are in need of protection from those who represent the worst part of our society. Kato also teaches kung-fu, yoga, meditation and other aspects of physical fitness at his school entitled Kato's Kids. Although Kato teaches people of all ages his focus is on the youth. Kato is very influential in working with young kids who he trains in kung-fu and talks to them about staying away from drugs, gangs and how to become model students. The kids are called Kato's Kids and the city of Los Angeles provides the atmosphere where Kato feels he is needed most. In one of the cities where crime is most prevalent, Kato is able to bodyguard celebrities, business owners and other high-income professionals while constantly collecting information about crimes that are about to happen.

Unfortunately, Kato knows that he cannot always have his finger on the pulse of the street. In order to resolve this dilemma, Kato has taken a select number of the youth from his school and formed a crime busting team. The youth venture out onto the streets and socialize with their peers as they normally do. However, while conducting 'business as usual', they gather information about upcoming drug, gang or other illegal activity that is about to happen and report this information to Kato. At that time Kato (with a few of his personal contacts) hit the streets and stop these crimes before they transpire. Kato carries and uses a firearm; however, he mostly is able to utilize his kung-fu skills to disable the opponent.

Kato knows that taking the law into his own hands is wrong. But he also knows that the police cannot handle the level of crime in Los Angeles alone. After he captures the criminals he always leaves them handcuffed or tied at a location that he reports to the police with a note attached to them explaining the crime that the criminal is responsible for. The police do not like the concept of someone trying to be a superhero, fighting crime on their own; however, they appreciate the help that Kato is giving to them. Criminals are uneasy about committing crimes in the areas where Kato is appearing. Of course, this creates many action-packed situations when the crime lords try to eliminate him.

Kato is very grateful that he was blessed as a young child to find a lead to the ancient fighting systems from Asia known as kung-fu. When he must defend himself or take down a crime lord, Kato's first choice is to use these teachings in order to subdue his opponent. However, when this is not feasible Kato (being well trained with a firearm) uses his when necessary. Because he has acquired friendly contacts within the police department, Kato is able to receive any additional assistance that he may need regarding information on past crimes, locations and even back-up when the stakes are higher than usual. Kato has a female reporter that follows his exploits very closely. At first their relationship is presented as 'professional'; however, as time passes there seems to be a growing interest between them that is less than 'professional'. While the reporter is trying to gather information from Kato about his life and why he fights crime, Kato is simultaneously gathering needed information from the reporter that he finds useful and ads it to the information gathered from his students and the police.

At times Kato reflects back to a very negative moment in his life that he will never be able erase from his mind. One night his mother was in town shopping at a time less than favorable for safety. As she passed an alley way she was pulled in, robbed and then beaten for resisting by a gang that was passing through town. Kato remembers his father's rage and the aura that surrounded his family with feelings ranging from disgust, anger and fear about what happened. Kato also remembers his feelings at that time. He was only eight years old and although he felt the same feelings as the rest of his family he also carried one additional one helplessness. Kato wanted to go out and avenge what had happened but he knew that he was too young. His father said to just thank God for the fact that his mother was alive and able to heal; but, that wasn't enough for Kato. He knew that one day, in his own way, he would figure out a way to take the forces of 'good' and fight crime. It would be his belated revenge. Since he had become a proficient martial artist and weapons expert as well as a bodyguard he thought "Why not take this a step further?"

Kato selected students specifically because of his or her special abilities. Each one must ad something vitally needed in order to gather information and help fight crime. His student Rick has his computer skills and can gather information from just about anywhere, Thomas is an x-gang member with lingering relations and access to gang related activity, Lena is the daughter of a police officer and can gather information from her father regarding what the police know, Carla is a student school board member and has access to a large number of youth, can ask them questions about current events in the neighborhood and Andre, Jennifer and Kevin are his adult crime fighting allies who converge whenever Kato calls with a mission.

The subject matter in Kato's Kids reflects but is not limited to kidnapping, sex, racism, gangs, drugs, fighting and other family problems that youth and adults are faced with in real life. It has been said that an educated person does not need to use profanity to express his or herself; therefore, even though the show is intense in its subject matter the language remains clean and clearly teaches lessons that the viewers can apply in real life. Similar shows have been aired but there hasn't been one like this. The uniqueness of Kato's Kids is contained in the way the subject matter is delivered. There are many add-ons to the show (in the opening & closing segments) that will really make this show stand out that the creator (being a real life bodyguard and security authority) has in mind. America will appreciate the show because it is done in a very unique way.

The subject matter in Kato's Kids most closely relates to the shows currently being shown on, but not limited to, ABC, NBC or CBS, Family, FX, Hallmark, TBS, TNT and WGN.

Author Bio

Kato Sherman has been a bodyguard and personal trainer for many years; he teaches meditation, yoga, martial arts, weight lifting, nutrition and aspects of security. Kato is currently working on bringing his infomercial videos to television. One video will teach America various aspects of how to secure his or her home, vehicle and person. The other will teach how to meditate, breathe, stretch, eat properly, and general workout tips. Additional information about Kato and his videos can be found at


Kato's Kids